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What Makes PGT Great

1. Durability

Andersen offers various warranties on their window & door products. They stand behind the claim that their products are more durable than the competition.

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2. Great Reputation

Andersen is over 117 years old. With a lifetime of product knowledge, research, and development – it's no wonder why so many consider them the best in the business.

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3. Wide Selection

Andersen has the largest selection of window and door products in the industry. Look no further when you're trying to make a visual statement that fits your needs.

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Window Types

Casement Picture



The perfect companion to a matching Casement or Awning, this non-operable window allows substantial natural light and is versatile enough to suit most any area, including bedrooms and living spaces.

Casement Windows



This window’s foldaway handle prevents interference with your curtains. Pair it beautifully with matching Awning and Picture windows.

Architectural Windows



Enhance your home’s beauty and aesthetics with our wide selection of unique shapes and styles that can be customized to fit your needs. Works well as a standalone or companion window to fill your space with natural light.

Picture Windows



This non-operable window pairs with other window shapes for a custom look. Enhances the look of living rooms, kitchens, and master bedrooms with maximum, unobstructed sightlines.

Horizontal Roller



Blending modern style and top-notch security, this easily operated window is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Awning Windows



Designed for use in spaces with high ceiling heights, this beautiful-yet-functional window is designed to block rain from entering, while providing outstanding ventilation and light. 

Horizontal Roller



Raised from the bottom with a fixed top half, our single hung window offers ventilation and effortless protection in a traditional style that can be customized to fit any size used throughout the home.

Interactive Window Tech

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